“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better”

Albert Einstein

Melanie aims to inspire and guide people of all ages to re-connect with the natural world and learn to embrace this contact as part of their everyday lives, the way they think and their ability to cope with life’s pressures and stress.

She believes we are all part of a vast, interconnecting web of life...we begin to experience this directly, our place in it and our connection to the land when we take a journey inside

to understand ourself more, our needs, weaknesses and strengths.

Melanie is a wellness practitioner based in Holgate on the Central Coast NSW.

She holds a Bachelor of Psychology degree, is an experienced mindfulness and meditation coach, eco-therapist, nature connection facilitator and rites of passage leader.

She brings over a decade of experience as a therapist into her practice and offers a range of unique workshops, classes and private treatments. She prides herself on providing practical tools, support, inspiration and information to help her clients understand themselves better, improve areas in their life which cause hardship and heartache and guide them to re-connect with the healing power of the natural world.

"I enjoy combining my extensive life experience, years of study and personal development, delivering programs to support others. I provide one-on-one sessions and group facilitation, focussing on holding space for others. I enjoy walking alongside another person on their life journey offering unconditional support, without judgement.”